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7^ Conferenza Internazionale della Storia dei Sordi 2009 (Newsletter della Storia dei Sordi n. 686 del 6 maggio 2009)

La Società che si occupa della Storia dei Sordi di Svezia organizza la 7^ conferenza internazionale della Storia dei Sordi  che si svolgerà a Stoccolma dal 4 all’8 agosto 2009. Coloro che desiderano partecipare all’importante evento possono consultare il sito della medesima Società. Leggi l’originale testo della lingua inglese.

We are pleased to invite you to 7th Conference of Deaf History International in Stockholm, , August 4-8, 2009 hosted by Swedish Deaf History Society (SDHS).

No History, No Future is the theme of this 7th Conference. Why this theme has been appointed is that the community changes all the time. The historical changes always reflect community during time. The life, education, work, heritage and fellowships also change simultaneously as history changes. These things need to be documented and researched. Without documentation and research our future can’t be guaranteed, with a good life and community for deaf people. Therefore the future needs research and documentation of our history concerning our life, education, work, heritage and fellowship. The future and history are dependent on each other.

Why the conference will be held here is that we at the same time want to celebrate two-hundredth anniversary of Deaf Education in , which started in Stockholm . The Deaf Movement with many historical events follows close behind the Deaf Education through our fellowship. From many historical points of view the Deaf Education always has been a important core for our fellowship and has lead to Deaf movement and fellowship incl. politics, sports, culture, language, heritage.

We are happy to have the conference just in the beautiful Stockholm, a city of contrasts with water and islands, consisting of fourteen islands, all part of the archipelago, history and innovation, small town and big city, short winter days and long, light summer nights – with a dazzling array of impressions.

The history of Stockholm goes back to the 13th century. Thanks to its strategic location between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, Stockholm had a good chance of becoming an important city in .

You can see and do most things in a short space of time – which makes it a perfect destination for city breaks or longer stays, all the year round.

It is also worth while seeing Deaf historic places for example Manillaskolan. It is the first deaf school in , founded 1809 and Norra Kyrkogården, literally “The Northern Cemetry” in Swedish, where many famous people, in connection with deaf people, have found their last resting-place. Don’t leave Stockholm without seeing the Old Town, the beautiful Stockholm Archipelago – one of the largest archipelagos of the Baltic Sea, the City Hall, the most exclusive ballroom in Stockholm, frequently used e.g. for the yearly Nobel Banquet, Skansen – the first open air museum with an 18th and 19th-century town with many different buildings from different cultural places in Sweden and traditional and cultural dresses and the Vasa Museum with the 64-gun warship from the 17th century.

We are expecting around 250-300 participants from around the world and beyond. Do not miss the great and exciting event. We are looking forward to seeing you in August 2009.

Warm welcome to the 7th Conference of Deaf History International in Stockholm 2009!

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Newsletter della Storia dei Sordi n. 686 del 6 maggio 2009

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